About me:

My photographs are connected by a common thread :  water, which is an essential element omnipresent in my pictures. I especially prefer long exposures and I am on a quest to capture an atmosphere which makes the landscape unique in its original purity.

My working methods :

Passionate about photography for over 30 years, I have been using a digital camera for the past 10 years. It permits me to re-work my photographs in post-production and give them the atmosphere I would like to see. I try to express specific emotions throught my pictures. Dawn and twilight are magical moments when the light creates a particularly atmosphere.

Nature and landscape are my favorites subjects. The light can procure the movement and the reflexions that I love. I very much like long exposures because they transpose an unreal and dreamlike mood.

The photographs presented in the gallery represent reality, their isn't any faking, editing or additions with professional software. There is only some post-production work which has been done to increase or decrease the exposition and/or the contrast and the saturation of some colors.

Each pictures is print in only 30 copy, they are all signed and numbered.


If you are interested in my photographs you can visit my online store at http://fr.dawanda.com/shop/philippe-dinet